There Are Consequences To Posting Your Children’s Pictures Online

Many parents these days love sharing pictures of their children online for their friends and family to see, especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, the internet is full of people with insidious intentions, and parents need to be sure they are taking the proper precautions when posting their children online or on their social media.

We highly recommend reading this Vox article which includes an extensive discussion on the subject with Leah Plunkett, author of Sharenthood: Why we should think before we talk about our kids online.

Common Sense Media also shared other articles which also include a number of helpful tips to ensure you are providing your child with the maximum amount of privacy.

While developing their own responsible online habits, parents also need to ensure that they teach their children to be safe online. Parental control apps like MMGuardian are essential in protecting children and helping them to develop positive habits.  MMGuardian allows the parents of children with Android phones to monitor their SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger messages and keep a watchful eye on them from afar.  MMGuardian will also send alerts to the parent if it detects any concerning conversation topics such as suicide, drugs, bullying, etc so that parents don’t have to constantly read every single message.  There are many other useful features such as web filtering, inappropriate picture detection, phone locking, app control, contact blocking, location, and more.

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