Too Many Loopholes in Apple’s Screen Time Parental Controls

A number of news outlets such as the Washington Post have been writing articles about how easily children are circumventing Apple’s Screen Time parental controls: Business Insider, MacRumorsThe Washington Post

.Apple is known for being extremely restrictive when it comes to allowing developers to create apps for iPhones.  As such, parental controls for iPhones are very limited, with most people resorting to using the native parental controls called Screen Time.  However, not only does Screen Time not have any monitoring capabilities, it is now becoming apparent that Screen Time is all too easy for children to bypass.  Kids aren’t using any crazy, technical hacks- they are finding simple loopholes, and fixing them does not appear to be at the top of Apple’s priority list.

These recent articles further highlight the fact that if parents want parental controls that their child can’t easily bypass and which offer the maximum amount of control and security, they should get their child an Android, not an iPhone.  We recently wrote a blog post about why parents should purchase Androids for their children that goes a bit more in depth on the subject.

Our parental control app, MMGuardian, in particular has advanced anti-tamper features to help ensure that even tech-savvy children cannot easily bypass the parental controls.  Our mission is to provide parents with peace of mind and security for their kids, and unlike Apple and many other companies with parental control apps, we are dedicated to making our app as tamperproof as possible.

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