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Safeguard Your Child with MMGuardian™ Parental Control App



Kids are the most crucial matter of concern for every parent and they are eager to do anything to keep them safe from hazards, wrong company and all sorts of things that can ruin their lives. Though you can protect the kids from people and products, you don’t have real access to your child’s devices which is the gateway to his world of entertainment and communication. You never know what he is viewing or what he is talking about, and that is an area of concern. However, with the MMGuardian™ Parental Control app by MMguardian.com you can have a parental control on the activities done through the android phone of your kids.

The MMGuardian™ Parental Control app allows you to locate your child’s phone, lock it when required, restrict usage of phone, block calls and texts, and get a daily report of the phone usage. The app lets the parents know if the child is making improper use of the phone in school or playing a lot of game with it. Installing the app is also quite easy. You need to download the app in the phone that belongs to your child and select your phone number as the admin phone. You can register with your email address and password. Now you can check out the amazing features of the app and can even control the phone with a simple text message from your phone. While uninstalling the app, the protection must first be disabled. The app is loaded with some amazing features.


  • The app has to be installed in the child’s mobile and not the parent’s mobile.
  • You can locate the phone of your child through a simple SMS from the admin mobile.
  • You can limit the text messages to your child’s mobile. You can monitor the text messages that are alarming.
  • You can choose to lock some apps in your child’s phone.
  • In case of urgent requirement, it is possible to block the phone with a SMS.
  • You can restrict your child from driving and texting and that would not use up the battery of his or her phone.
  • You can also block incoming calls to your child’s phone.
  • You can have a preset times on the phone to restrict the usage during school, and other activity classes.
  • You can set timer which will let you know about the location of your child at a certain point of time.
  • The app is free for the first 14 days and it would be fully functional during that period of time. After the subscription period you will be able locate phone and use some small features. However, to get the total operating control you will have to pay $2.99 per month.
  • Yearly subscription is available at $24.99 and the one time license will cost you $39.99.
  • The app is not available for all android phones.

Summary: MMGuardian™ Parental Control is an app that provides complete control to the parent on the mobile used by his or her child. The parent can locate the mobile, block calls, and restrict app usage with the help of this app.

Good: It is a free app to use for 14 days and even after the trial is over, some features stays in it.

Bad: The app is a good one with whole lot of features but its limited availability to android phones is a major concern.


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