Child Phone Airtime Plans

Having decided to get a phone for your child, you will want to get the most cost effective airtime plan.

You may be able to add your child’s phone to your own phone plan at a good price, although family plans from some carriers are rather more expensive than you might imagine.

So you may want to get a plan from a different provider for your child’s phone, or even switch the airtime provider for your own phone!

How To Get A Great Airtime Plan For Your Child's Phone

In the USA Mint Mobile has probably the best priced plans, combining nationwide 4G/5G coverage for performance with unlimited text and talk and generous mobile data allowances. 

Their base plan is available from $15 per moth and includes:

  • Unlimited Text & Talk
  • 4GB Data

For younger children especially, who generally won’t be streaming huge amounts of videos and music, 4GB of data should be more than adequate. And a nice thing about Mint Mobile plans is that there are no ‘overage’ charges. So should your child manage to exceed the data allowance, it won’t cost you more, just the data speed will be slowed down.

For full details and to sign up with Mint Mobile, please visit:

Please be aware that MMGuardian (Pervasive Group Inc) receives compensation from Mint Mobile for plans set up via the above link

Mint Mobile

4GB Data Plan
$ 15 Monthly
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Nationwide 4G/5G Coverage
  • 4GB mobile data per month