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Features of MMGuardian App for Android Phone

Comprehensive Reports

High-level overviews, colourful charts and detailed report listings enable you to easily see the big picture or dive into specific areas of interest or concern. The reports can be accessed through the Parent Web Portal or in the MMGuardian Parent App that we recommend you install on your own phone.
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App Usage
– Know which apps are used, when and for how long.
– Spot whether your child is spending too much time playing games or is using their phone inappropriately during class or homework time.
– Use this information to decide whether to set or modify app usage restrictions in App Control.

SMS messages
– View all SMS messages sent by or to your child.
– Read as a conversation or view all messages each day.
– SMS reporting is enabled by default, but can be disabled.

Call History
– See who your child is talking with, when and for how long.
– Use this information to decide whether to set up or modify Call Block rules.
– Call reporting is enabled by default, but can be disabled.

Web Browsing
– Keep abreast of what your child is searching for and viewing on the internet.
– You can use the Web Filter function to limit browsing to websites that you deem as appropriate.
– Web browsing reporting requires that the Web Filter is turned on and that your child uses the MMGuardian Safe Browser that is part of the MMGuardian application.

In order to reduce battery and data usage on your child’s phone, reports are only automatically sent once per day, just past midnight to cover the previous day. However, up to the minute reports from the child’s phone can be requested at any time of the day.

Time Limits

There will be times when you don’t want your child to be able to use their phone such as when they should be asleep. Use Time Limits to define times when their phone will be locked and cannot be used, other than for emergency calls.
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The flexibility of Time Limits enables you to set lock times that are tailored to the specific needs of your family and child.

You can set different lock times for school nights and weekend nights. And, if desired, additional times during the week to cater for activities such as sports training, music lessons or various periods of time throughout school days when you want to differentiate between class times and free time.

See also the App Control function for information about how to handle periods such as homework times, when you might not want to lock the phone totally, but would want to block games.

App Control

Block Apps including WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram and PlayStore. Control which apps your child gets to use and when and set daily usage limits to preventing excessive use of social media apps or games.
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You can create groups of apps and assign different restrictions to each group. So for example, you may want to restrict use of games to only between 5 pm and 7 pm during the week, but to allow usage at any time at weekends.

Additionally, daily usage limits can be set such as to only allow games apps to be used for up to 1 hour per day.

There is also an option to automatically set newly installed apps to be blocked. You’ll receive an alert when a new app is installed and can decide whether to leave it blocked, to allow it but with usage restrictions or to allow the app to be used at any time.

Location and Track

Worried that you child is not where they are supposed to be? Use the Parent App on your phone or the Parent Web Portal to instantly find out where your child’s phone is on demand or at pre-set times during the day and week.
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Use the Track function to set up schedules when the app will send you a report of the phone’s location. The system accommodates both simple needs, such as reporting location every 30 mins from 8 am to 6 pm, as well as more complex needs to cater for individual circumstances.

For example, you may want to be sure that your child goes directly to and from school and track location every 15 minutes from 8 am to 10 am and again from 3 pm to 5 pm on school days, as well as during some evenings or at weekends for out of school activities.

Web Filter & Safe Browsing

Block Websites containing porn, adult or other inappropriate content using the Web Filter function. Select which categories of websites are allowed or should be blocked, or set up specific URLs and domains to allow or block.
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When Web Filter is enabled, MMGuardian will automatically block other popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Accordingly, your child must use the MMGuardian Safe Browser to browse the internet.

When using the MMGuardian Safe Browser, categories of websites that are deemed inappropriate for the chosen age range will be blocked, based on the categorisation of the website content. Categories include Adult, Porn, Gambling, Drugs, Phishing and many more.

Whilst all you need to do is to select an appropriate age range, but you can also customise which categories will be blocked or allowed. Additionally, you can set ‘overrides’ to always allow or block specific web site addresses, irrespective of the site’s categorisation.

Call and SMS blocking

Protect your child from bad influences or bullying by blocking calls and SMS messages with undesired contacts. Call Block allows you to either set a block list for specific numbers and contacts or create a list of allowed numbers and contacts.
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Call Block can be set either to block mode or allow mode. In block mode, calls and SMS messages* with numbers that are on the block list will be blocked. When set to allow mode, only calls and SMS messages with numbers in the allowed list will be permitted and all others will be blocked.

* To block SMS messages based on the Call Block settings, it is necessary to enable the MMG Messaging app function and for your child to use that part of the MMGuardian app for SMS and MMS messages. If the MMG Messaging app is not enabled, then SMS text messages will not actually be blocked and a ‘prohibited SMS’ alert is sent instead.

Text Monitor

Prevent Sexting and Cyberbullying. Set up keywords that, when presented in an SMS message, will trigger an alert to be sent to you. You can use Text Monitor as an alternative to, or in addition to, the detailed SMS reports.
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Whether you are concerned about sexting, bullying, or use of inappropriate words, just add the relevant words into the sensitive word list and let the MMGuardian application discretely monitor the text messages that your child is exposed to.


Receive alerts in real time for various events that as a parent you will want to know about immediately. Alerts will cover things such as new app install, call block, location updates and attempts to view a blocked website.
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If you are using a Parent App on your own phone, the alerts will be delivered to that app and you’ll get a alert notification on your phone. The alerts are also sent to the Parent Web Portal, so can also be viewed there.


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Parent Stories

“Gives great control I keep wondering why I didn’t download this app sooner”

I have it on my daughter’s phone and it works great. Now I monitor her texts, web activities and calls weekly and it is a big relief to me because there is a way for me to access what she does with her phone. I can set a time restriction to limit her using it for hours on playing games. Thank you!

Riza, Play Store review

“Worth every penny. This is the best parental control app available hands down”

This is the best parental control app available hands down. If you need further proof just look at how many one star ratings have been given by kids. It may not be popular with some but it is the job of the parents to look after them. I like that this app cannot be deleted unless you have the password. Also, it locks down unwanted apps and browsers tight!

Kenneth, Play Store review

“I love this app. Thank you for giving me some peace of mind”

Thank you for giving me some peace of mind knowing I don’t have to constantly check up on my child to make sure they are following the rules and have them feel that I don’t trust them or are trying to get them in trouble. This app allows me to set up the restrictions and automatically makes sure they follow them.

Madherleyn, via email

“This has been a key tool in managing our sons usage and screen time”

Love the ability to manage it remotely and to see the actual texts and breakdown of what he is looking at. Highly recommend it.

Erika, Play Store review

Common Questions about MMGuardian App for Android Phone

Either install the MMGuardian Parent App to your own phone or log into the secure Parent Web Portal using a web browser on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Yes, there is a special Emergency button on the MMGuardian lock screen. Tap that to get to the phone’s emergency call dial pad.

Yes, there is a special Contact Admin button on the MMGuardian lock screen. Tap that, then select to call or SMS the parent (admin) phone.

Yes, install the MMGuardian Parental Control child phone app for Android onto your kid’s phone and the MMGuardian Parent App for iPhone onto your own phone.

Ideally, yes. While on-device functions such as Time Limits and App Control will work without an internet connection, commands to the child phone app and alerts and reports from the app will either not work or at least be subject to potentially long delays unless the phone has an internet connection.

Due to the way that these sorts of apps encode messages, it is sadly not currently possible to monitor and report messages or images that are exchanged using these apps.

We incorporate a number of sophisticated mechanisms to prevent a child from working around the app and believe that MMGuardian has the best tamper prevention protection in the industry.

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