MMGuardian will alert parents of potentially harmful situations based on the content of their child’s monitored messages. This page provides recommended actions for the alert type indicated above.


Cyberbullying has become very common in recent years and whilst it may not seem as bad as traditional bullying, due to lacking the physical element, studies have shown that the perceived popularity of cyberbullies actually increases compared to traditional bullying where that is not the case. Therefore, children are incentivized to cyberbully, and because children live online these days, there is no escape for the victims – even from the safety of their bedrooms.

It is therefore important that parents to take this subject seriously and discuss it openly with their child.


1. Document Everything

Take screenshots, record videos, and make sure no messages are deleted if possible. You want to be sure you have as much evidence as possible.


2. Discuss Your Plan of Action With Your Child

Many children are resistant to the idea of their parent confronting the parents of their bully or reporting to the authorities. It’s important for parents to approach the situation in a calm manner, collect all of the facts, and discuss their plan of action with their child. This plan of action should involve the child blocking their bully if they are being messaged directly.


3. Contact Authorities if Necessary

If any threats of violence were involved, it’s important to take that information (preferably with the documented proof) to law enforcement. Otherwise, it is up to the parent’s discretion how to handle the situation, whether that means making a plan for your child to handle it or contacting the school or the bully’s parents. Keep in mind that some parents will be resistant to the idea that their child is a bully.



For an excellent list of resources and additional information, see:

The Parent’s Guide to Cyberbullying

Counselling for the child may also be a good idea (especially if your child is doing the bullying), whether through a school or via a private professional.