Why Download MMGuardian Directly From Us?

Please note that the MMGuardian app for a child’s Android phone is currently only available from Google Play

The notes below have been retained for historical purposes

Reasons to download MMGuardian Parental Control from us

  1. The tamper protections of MMGuardian Parental Control are probably the best of any parental control application on Play Store. However by downloading the app directly from us, you will be able to benefit from additional protection measures. 
  2. The version of the MMGuardian app available from Play Store can not provide Call Reports or Call Block on phones that use Android 9. Please see Contact Block for more details.


Downloading the Parental Control app from us

The easiest way to get the app from us is to use the “add device” wizard available at the MMGuardian web portal. This wizard will guide you through the download and install process step by step.

  • Log into your MMGuardian account at the web portal https://family.mmguardian.com
  • If you have not yet registered any child phone apps you will see the wizard as soon as you log in.
  • If you have already registered one or more child phone applications, after logging in, click the “+” button in the top menu bar to start the wizard.