Android Parental Control for Tablets

The MMGuardian Android Parental Control solution for Android Tablets

Manage application usage and the time periods when the device may not be used with the first android parental control that is custom-made for tablet devices.

About the Product

The MMGuardian android parental control product for tablets, MMGuardian Tablet Security, is based on our well-received application for smartphones.  The MMGuardian Tablet Security application provides a simple to use yet powerful android parental control solution, enabling parents to manage their child’s android tablet experience.

Peace of Mind

Android parental control, especially for rising numbers of tablet devices, is critical to peace of mind for parents.  Today’s technological advances, the phones and devices that it brings, offer amazing freedoms and benefits, but also unprecedented concerns for parents.

Our android parental control products help you address these concerns, by providing parents with a comprehensive solution to help children make the right choices as they grow and learn how to manage tablet devices.

What Does It Do?

The android parental control application for tablets allows you to:

  • Set time limits on your child’s tablet usage.
  • Set time schedules to block chosen applications.
  • Prevent applications from being installed.

And much more! Read on for more details on the tablet android parental control product…


MMGuardian Android Parental Control Product Features and How They Help You and Your Child

Time Limits

Ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and does not stay up for hours past their bed time using their new tablet!

Time Limits allows you to easily pre-configure the times when your child’s tablet will be locked.
Several time schedules may be defined, during which, the device will be totally locked down.

The flexibility of Time Limits allows you to set lock times to cater for multiple scenarios such as differing sleep times during the week versus the weekend, or various periods of time throughout school days, to differentiate between class times and free time breaks such as lunch.

Simply enter the start and end times, and select the days of the week desired for the specific time schedule. The start time may be after the end time, to lock the phone overnight.

Please note that the the device will be locked between the start and end times that you specify,
but may be unlocked using the parent admin password.

Application Control

Prevent your child from spending too much time on social networks or playing games!

Application Control allows you to block selected apps, either always or just during the time periods that you define.

This feature also has two additional and important uses: Preventing your child from accessing the Android “Settings” application, and preventing them from installing new applications, by blocking the PlayStore (or other application store) app.

Combining the flexibility of Time Limits and that of Application Control allows you to configure your child’s tablet to cater for scenarios such as a total lockdown over night, whilst allowing use of the device at homework times; but only for homework, and not for playing games or chatting on social network sites!

Uninstall Protection

We’d all like to think that children readily accept the use of technology to help them make the right choices and keep them safe, and is something they are happy with. For the times when this is a challenge, the Uninstall Protection function can help.

Enabling Uninstall Protection makes it close to impossible to remove the application by normal means, without knowledge of the admin password. As an additional measure, consider prohibiting access to the Android Settings app using Application Control to prevent your child changing important system configurations.

Additionally, on more recent Android devices (version 4.X.X), Uninstall Protection should also be enabled in order for the MMGuardian anti-tamper measures to be fully effective. These measures are intended to ensure the resumption of normal operation of the MMGuardian application should the phone user attempt to interfere with it using an “app killer” or “task manager” application.


The application should be installed onto the device you wish to protect. This may be your child’s tablet or your own, if your child uses it.
You may of course install it on your own tablet to try it out, and get to know how it works, before installing it on your child’s tablet.

To install the application, simply goto the MMGuardian Tablet Security application page on the Google Play site, press install to download and install it, then open the app and register with an email address and password.
Please note that email is used to send optional alerts from the application, so you should use an appropriate email address.
This address does not have to be the one associated with the Google Play Store account used to download the app.


The MMGuardian Tablet Security application has full functionality for the trial period of 14 days from registration. There is no requirement to enter payment information, such as configuration of Google Wallet in the Google Play Store app on your child’s device, to start the trial.

Following the 14 day trial period, you will be prompted to make an in-app upgrade purchase to continue using the application. The license is $9.99 for a single tablet, or $19.98 for a family license which covers all tablet apps on your account.

Download the MMGuardian Tablet Security application, and start to enjoy peace of mind about your child’s use of their tablet, today.

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