MMGuardian now includes Web Filter

Now you can easily block access to web sites ranging from adult content and alcohol through to violence and weapons, plus of course other “not safe for kids” categories such as porn and tobacco.

We recently added a web filter and a safe browser function to both the MMGuardian Parental Control and Tablet Security applications.

The web filtering is based primarily on the categorization of the web site being visited. Whilst there are over 100 categories, age-based defaults are provided to make it easy to quickly benefit from the new functionality. It is of course possible to modify the defaults to suit your own requirements.

Since the web filtering is app-based, it will work even when the device is connected via a WiFi network.

The web filter works together with the MMGuardian Browser, described below.


MMGuardian Browser

In order to provide a robust internet filtering and blocking capability, as well as enhanced web usage reports, we developed the MMGuardian Browser. When the web filter is enabled, all other common web browsers are automatically blocked, and the MMGuardian Browser must be used to access web sites. The browser appears as a new icon in the list of Android applications.


We realise that it can be sometimes hard to convince a child to willingly accept restrictions and controls on the use of their Android phone or tablet, so we have put a great deal of effort into developing a browser that will not seem like a poor substitute to the one that they currently use.  Accordingly, the browser includes functionality that your child will expect of a modern web browser, such as favourites, bookmarks, HTML5 video and tabbed browsing.

That’s all great for kids, but what about the concerns of parents? All we can say is that we very much believe that the MMGuardian Browser combined with the web filter function provides the best safe browser for Android currently available.


Web Site Reporting

When Web Filter is enabled, the app will send in daily reports of the websites visited on the MMGuardian browser, and also attempts that have been blocked. Additionally, you will be able to see how much time your child has spent on each site.

These details are viewable in the Web Browsing section of the Phone Usage report on the Parent Web Portal. Also, a complete listing of sites visited each day is available in the Reports section of the web portal.


Try It Out!

The web filter and browser are available in app versions 2.0.0 or greater. Full web filtering functionality is included in our standard free 14 day trial period, (and of course for existing licensed / subscribed apps) so if you’ve not yet tried it out, just install or upgrade to the latest version of the Parental Control or Tablet Security app, and give it a go.

Additional information is on our main web site, for the web filter function and the browser.


P.S. If you use the MMGuardian Parent App, also be sure to update that, so you are able to remotely configure the web filter settings.


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