More Bugs Found In Apple’s New iPhone Parental Controls

We previously wrote a blog post about all of the loopholes found in Apple’s Screen Time parental controls and Apple’s lack of urgency to correct them. We’re sad to say Apple appears to be continuing the trend in their latest update.

As reported by a number of sources including CNBC, Apple’s newest update iOS 13.3 added a feature called Communication Limits. This feature is meant to allow parents to control who their child can and cannot contact. Unfortunately there is a simple loophole that renders the feature completely ineffective. If your child has an iPhone and you plan on using that feature, we highly recommend reading CNBC’s article.

We explained in a previous blog post about why children should have Android phones instead of iPhones, and this is a prime example of why. Due to Apple’s restrictions on developers, iPhones simply don’t have parental controls that are comparable to those available for Android phones. If parents use a parental control app like MMGuardian on their child’s Android phone, they’ll have access to a much more extensive set of features compared to iPhones including reading their child’s messages, alerts for concerning topics such as suicide, bullying, sexting, inappropriate pictures, etc, time limits, contact blocking, app control, and more!

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