Device Management Changes March 2019


*** This information is no longer applicable. The Device Management functions are available with the current version of the MMGuardian application for a child’s phone that is available from the App Store ***


This information is applicable to the application for a child’s iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch

Certain functions of the MMGuardian app for a child’s iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch will cease to operate after 31st March 2019.

The impacted functions are ones that can be achieved using the Apple Screen Time feature.

After this date, the MMGuardian app will continue to provide:

  • Safe browsing with web filtering
  • Web usage reports
  • Inappropriate picture alerts
  • Location function

The impacted functions, for applications first registered prior to 8th March 2019, are:

  • Quick App Block
  • App Block Schedule
  • Applications (disable of iTunes Store, etc)
  • Content Ratings (setting age ranges for apps from the AppStore, etc)
  • Device Functions (disable camera, etc)
  • Device Lost/Stolen (remote lock or erase of device)

If the application was first registered, or re-registered prior to 7th March 2019, please also see this page on how to remove the Device Management profiles.

Please also refer to how to optimally set up Apple Screen Time for use with MMGuardian.

Note: Applications first registered after the 8th March 2019 do not have the above impacted functions, and it is not necessary to remove the Device Management profile.