Add Additional Admin Numbers

Additional admin phone numbers for to the Android child phone app can be added, either:   In the child phone app itself 1. Open the main MMGuardian app on your child’s phone, and enter your admin password. 2. Go to the Settings menu (tap on the 3 dots, at the top right of the screen).… Continue reading Add Additional Admin Numbers

Creating and Managing Your Account

To create your MMGuardian account, either : Sign up at the parent web portal, or Register the Parent App app on your own phone, or Register the Parental Control app on your child’s phone You will need to install a Parental Control app on your child’s phone and a Parent App on your own phone.… Continue reading Creating and Managing Your Account

Introduction to MMGuardian

MMGuardian is a parental control system consisting of a Parent App, installed on the parent’s phone, which is used to manage and monitor the MMGuardian Parental Control app installed on a child’s phone. When the child’s device is an Android phone, you will receive alerts when text messages, certain social media chat messages or web… Continue reading Introduction to MMGuardian

Install Android Child Phone App

The ‘MMGuardian Parental Control app for Kids Phone’ must be installed to your child’s phone. A short video showing the process of downloading the app from Google Play Store, registering and the initial configuration of the app is available on YouTube