Sync App Uninstall

For Windows PCs Use the “uninstaller” program which can be accessed either from the Start menu, or using the File Explorer, as shown in the pictures below. From Start Menu From File Explorer

Sync App WiFi Connection Issues

Successful connection over WiFi When the Sync App is able to detect your child’s device over WiFi, this will be indicated on the Detected Devices screen in the Sync App, as seen in the picture below: Note: only devices that have already been configured in the Sync App will be able to be detected over… Continue reading Sync App WiFi Connection Issues

What is the Sync App?

The MMGuardian Sync App is an application that parents install onto their own home computer (or laptop) to get reports of iMessage, SMS and popular social media app messages. When your child’s iPhone or iPad is connected to the same WiFi network as your computer, the Sync App will periodically ‘synchronize’ with your child’s device,… Continue reading What is the Sync App?

Cancel Subscription

Subscriptions other than ones from Apple iTunes can be cancelled at the MMGuardian web portal. Subscriptions from Google Play Store Google Play Store subscriptions can be also cancelled from the PlayStore account from which the purchase was made. Please see Subscriptions from Apple iTunes Apple iTunes subscriptions can only be cancelled from the Apple… Continue reading Cancel Subscription