MMGuardian Parental Control Videos

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MMGuardian Videos

MMGuardian Introduction

(Android child phone functions)

Installing MMGuardian to your child’s Android phone

Configuring the MMGuardian Android phone app from the web portal

Installing MMGuardian to your child’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Parental Control Application

Our application for Android phones.

Tablet Security Application

This is the application for Android tablets!


MMGuardian can be used to lock the phone on demand, or at scheduled times.


Find out where your child’s phone is. On demand or at scheduled times.

Time Limits

Set schedules for when the device will be locked, and can not be used (other than to make emergency calls, or call and text to the parent’s “admin” phone).

App Control

Use App Control to select which apps can be used, and when.

Text Monitor

The MMGuardian Parental Control app can monitor the SMS messages sent to or from your child, looking for words that you define as being of concern.