What does 9 mean?
Definition, Use Cases, Examples

9 Meaning

9 is an abbreviation of Code 9.

9 is an alert that parents are nearby.

9 can also refer to a 9mm handgun.

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How is 9 used? Use Cases & Examples

If your teenager wants to redirect a digital conversation they know you won’t approve of, this is one of the slang expressions you might find in their communications. The term 9 can also be used to refer to a 9mm handgun. Either use of this abbreviation is considered high risk.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term 9:

-u ready?
-yeah i got my 9

-Is Terrence buying the beer?
-What’s a good zit cream to use?

-What happened to Josh?
-JJ took his 9 and capped his a##

-Did you buy more condoms?
-Send me a kitten video!

How to Identify if your child is using the 9 slang word

You might learn your child is using this slang term by chance when a text pops up on the phone screen. The use of the slang term 9 is a red flag and indicates that your teen is exhanging digital communications that are inappropriate.

Having a parental control app on your child’s phone will give you peace of mind by alerting you to your child’s exposure to risks encountered on their phone. With a parental control app installed on your child’s phone, you have the control to set alerts to help your teen avoid the pitfalls of predators, drug dealers, and other negative influences. Having the ability to vary the level of monitoring gives you the power to choose what is right for your child, and these levels can easily be adjusted at any time.

How to talk with your child about use of the 9 slang word

Seeing the slang expression 9 in your teen’s online communications is cause for concern, regardless of which meaning it carries. Hiding conversations from adults and talking about firearms are activities that parents must take urgent action on. On TV and movies, violence and aberrant behavior are sometimes glorified or at least normalized, and it is up to parents to instill their family’s values in their children.

Here are some prompts for talking about 9 with your teenager:

  • What would you do if a friend had a handgun in your presence and you weren’t doing something legit like target practice at a shooting range?
  • Many tragic accidents have happened because firearms weren’t handled or stored safely. Do you know what to do if you see a loose weapon?
  • In our family we value honesty. Do you feel like you can come to us with your problems?
  • Let’s strategize about how to handle it if a friend suggests doing something sketchy.

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