What does Thirsty mean?
Definition, Use Cases, Examples

Thirsty Meaning

Thirsty describes someone who is needy.

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How is Thirsty used? Use Cases & Examples

Thirsty is usually used in a contemptuous manner to describe someone who is desperate for attention, especially sexual attention, Similar to the slang expression simp, thirsty implies that someone will debase himself/herself to gain another’s attention. A variation of thirsty is thirst-trap which refers to a selfie that begs for attention and/or is sexually enticing.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term thirsty:

-Lydia got some deep likes from Ben.
-He’s thirsty!

-Marisol is so thirsty. She likes all Sam’s snaps in about 3 seconds.

-I’ve texted Jasmine so many times…
-you the thirstiest simp ever

-Have you seen her selfies?
-yeah total thirst trap

How to Identify if your child is using the Thirsty slang word

You might learn your child is using this slang term by chance when a text pops up on the phone screen. But while the slang term thirsty is usually harmless, other teenage slang terms could indicate that your teen is talking about risky behaviors or communicating with potentially dangerous people.

Having a parental control app on your child’s phone will give you peace of mind by alerting you to your child’s exposure to risks encountered on their phone. With a parental control app installed on your child’s phone, you have the control to set alerts to help your teen avoid the pitfalls of predators, drug dealers, and other negative influences. Having the ability to vary the level of monitoring gives you the power to choose what is right for your child, and these levels can be adjusted easily at any time.

How to talk with your child about use of the Thirsty slang word

Sexual promiscuity, with good reason, ranks at the top of parents’ fears for their teenagers, Not only the dangers of pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases but also the mental damage provoked by experiencing intimate, physical relationships before they are emotionally mature can wreak havoc on your teenagers’ lives. Graphic sexual portrayals that are easily accessible online give teenagers a false sense of what is a normal relationship. As a parent you can counter these negative, outside influences by bolstering your kid’s self-confidence and talking about your family’s values and expectations. Here are some conversation tips to start the (probably awkward) talk with your teen about appropriate behavior in teenaged relationships:

  • Have you known classmates who were burned in some way by having sex before they were ready?
  • It might be difficult to slow things down in a moment of passion, but the reality is that a baby would rule your life for the next 18 years and some common, sexually-transmitted diseases are incurable.
  • How would you react if your girlfriend/boyfriend were pressuring you to have sex?
  • Would you feel like you could come to us, your parents, if you were in a compromising situation?

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