What does BAE mean?
Definition, Use Cases, Examples

BAE Meaning

BAE is an abbreviation for baby or babe.

BAE refers to a person’s significant other. It can be used as a term or endearment or as an adjective.

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How is BAE used? Use Cases & Examples

Teenagers use this slang term specifically to refer to their girlfriend or boyfriend. However, this common term is easily adapted and has evolved over time to include BAE memes and to describe pretty much anything that is positive.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term BAE:

-I love you, bae!

-Brandy has drip! Lydia helped me braid her mane and tail with glitter ribbons.
-Horses are so bae.

-Olivia Rodrigo is the hottest bae in baedom.

-When Gabi’s papi grills steak, he be like I’m Salt Bae! jajaja

How to Identify if your child is using the BAE slang word

You might learn your child is using this slang term by chance when a text pops up on the phone screen. But while the slang term BAE is harmless, other teenage slang terms could indicate that your teen is talking about risky behaviors or communicating with potentially dangerous people.

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How to talk with your child about use of the BAE slang word

Along with LOL and LMAO, BAE is one of the most ubiquitous slang expressions. This term has spawned memes and countless bae-based words. The endless variations of this teenage slang term provide an opportunity for you to have fun conversations with your kid.

Here are some ideas for talking about the slang wordBAE with your teenager:

  • What’s the funniest BAE meme you’ve seen?
  • What’s the most creative word based on the slang term BAE that you’ve seen?
  • Tell me the characteristics of your ideal bae.
  • What’s the best gift you could give your bae?

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