What does TDTM mean?
Definition, Use Cases, Examples

TDTM Meaning

TDTM stands for Talk Dirty To Me.

TDTM is an internet slang initialism that requests sexually explicit conversation.

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How is TDTM used? Use Cases & Examples

The slang expression TDTM is an appeal from a person seeking online sexual gratification. This slang term has been in use since the 1990s and is found on all major social media platforms including TikTok, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Occasionally this abbreviation refers to the song Talk Dirty to Me by Poison.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term TDTM:

-If you’re really old enough to be my bae, you’ll TDTM.

-What will make you feel better?

-Take off your clothes and TDTM

-Hey when you come over, please bring some hotdogs for the cookout.
-I love it when you tdtm

How to Identify if your child is using the TDTM slang word

You might learn your child is using this slang term by chance when a text pops up on the phone screen. The use of the slang term TDTM is a red flag and indicates that your teen is exhanging digital communications that are inappropriate.

Having a parental control app on your child’s phone will give you peace of mind by alerting you to your child’s exposure to risks encountered on their phone. With a parental control app installed on your child’s phone, you have the control to set alerts to help your teen avoid the pitfalls of predators, drug dealers, and other negative influences. Having the ability to vary the level of monitoring gives you the power to choose what is right for your child, and these levels can easily be adjusted at any time.

How to talk with your child about use of the TDTM slang word

Unless this slang expression is being used as a joke, it is a dangerous abbreviation to see in your kid’s online communications. Indicative of an inappropriate sexual relationship or possible grooming by a sexual predator, use of TDTM should be addressed by parents immediately. If you believe a predator is attempting to groom your teen, you should contact your local police for guidance.

Here are some prompts for talking with your teen about online safety:

  • Are you aware of the mental health issues that can arise when teens participate in adult behavior before they are developmentally ready?
  • Do you understand why talking dirty online is not compatible with our family’s values?
  • How would you feel if your private conversations were hacked and shared?
  • Have you witnessed the fallout when a classmate’s personal information has been shared?

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