What does PCM mean?
Definition, Use Cases, Examples

PCM Meaning

PCM stands for Please Call Me.

PCM is an internet slang initialism that requests communication.

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How is PCM used? Use Cases & Examples

The initialism PCM comes into play when a topic is too complicated or sensitive to communicate about via text or email. In certain contexts the slang expressionPCM transmits a vibe of urgency or need for discretion.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term PCM:

-PCM if you see Mojo. He ran out the front door.

-Justin is living rent free in my head. I’m obsessed!
-Noooo that boy is loco crazy loco pcm!

-Grandpa’s drunk and cussing at us PCM!!!!

-Ms. Smith, Liz said her stepdad is doing bad things to her and I don’t know what to do.
-PCM asap

How to Identify if your child is using the PCM slang word

You might learn your child is using this slang term by chance when a text pops up on the phone screen. But while the slang term PCM is usually harmless, other teenage slang terms could indicate that your teen is talking about risky behaviors or communicating with potentially dangerous people.

Having a parental control app on your child’s phone will give you peace of mind by alerting you to your child’s exposure to risks encountered on their phone. With a parental control app installed on your child’s phone, you have the control to set alerts to help your teen avoid the pitfalls of predators, drug dealers, and other negative influences. Having the ability to vary the level of monitoring gives you the power to choose what is right for your child, and these levels can be adjusted easily at any time.

How to talk with your child about use of the PCM slang word

As much as we all enjoy the convenience of texts, emails, and DMs, sometimes an old-school phone call is the most effective way to communicate and a necessary life skill for your teen to learn. Many of today’s teenagers feel shy about having a phone conversation other than FaceTiming with friends. The slang expression PCM is a great beginning point for discussing the how-to’s of phone conversations with your kid.

Here are some suggestions for talking about phone calls with your teen:

  • Does your fear of making a phone call or answering a phone call manifest physically in ways like shaking hands or a shaky voice?
  • The next time you have to call to check on a job application, let’s do a roleplay first so you’ll feel more comfortable.
  • Would you be open to typing a possible script with variations for how a call might go?
  • When we next order a pizza or need to make a dentist appointment for you, you can make the phone call, and I’ll be right here to help you if you need backup.

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